Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Saturday Night in K-Town

Saturday in Knoxville was a super fun day as well. Kaitlin had super early breakfast plans, so I stayed at the house and piddled until it was my turn to go to breakfast.

My friend Matt has been an amazing person in my life since I was a freshman in college. We had English comp together, and then realized that we had lived down the road from each other our whole lives! Whenever we are in the same city, we try to meet up and catch up as much as we can. He is student teaching right now, so we usually end up talking about lesson plans and students behavior. I'm sure you would really love to sit in on our conversations!

Matt and I at a UT football game
Matt took me to this incredible breakfast spot, and we ended up talking for about 2 hours. I shared a lot of things that were going on, and he was nothing but encouraging. I felt so much better after talking to him about several personal issues. He's a guy that I know will always be just a phone call away.

Silly me, right after the huge breakfast, I schedule a lunch date with one of my sorority sisters, Amber. I ended up just getting a small plate of rice, but thoroughly enjoyed the conversation we shared. We reminisced about mixers and date parties, and talked about what our futures held for the both of us.

Before a Risky Business mixer

After lunch with her, I met up for coffee with another sorority sister, Sarah. Sarah is one of the people I admire the most. She is a dedicated runner (I'm talking half marathons, and I'm pretty sure she ran a full), incredible woman of the Lord, and a soon-to-be wife. Sarah and I did All Sing together, which is a campus wide singing competition. We connected on our mutual hatred for the competition, as well as our mutual love for the Lord. When we met, we talked about the incredible ways that God was moving in our lives. Ways that we would never have imagined. I absolutely loved hearing about wedding plans, and how her student teaching is going, and how the Lord is revealing Himself to her. I hate that I only get to see her once every blue moon, but it was so great to sit and catch up with her as well.

After the long morning that Kaitlin and I both had, we decided to go to the house and rest for a minute, and freshen up before it was time to do something later that night. We ended up catching the girl staying with us and talked to her for a long time. Then there was the saga about dinner. Kaitlin really wanted sushi, but I don't eat sushi. We tried to find a place that served sushi and hibachi so that I could have something too. We tried two restaurants before we decided on one in Market Square. I have no idea what the name of it was, nor do I really recommend it. Kaitlin really like the sushi, but my food was not very good.

We decided to hit up the old city again that night, but it was not near as fun as the first night. It was extremely crowded and quite strange. But I did get to run in to ANOTHER sorority sister, whom I love so dearly! Courtney and I also met through All Sing, then randomly became pretty good friends at some point. She is so great and I am blessed to have her in my life.

Courtney and I

Kaitlin and I left at 6:00 am the next morning to head back to Nashville. As much fun as Knoxville was, we were exhausted after go-go-going all weekend long.

I got the pleasure of attending a wedding shower Sunday afternoon for some friends. It was so great to be around old friends and reconnect and talk about where our lives had led. Two families even offered to host me for dinner! I guess they could tell that all I eat is sandwiches and never cook. BUT I'm doing better about that! I'm actually cooking tacos tonight!

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