About Me!

I feel like "About Me" pages are always kind of awkward, but hey, I'm an awkward girl, so I guess it is fitting. Just so you can really "get to know me", I'm going to include lots of pictures of me so you can feel like you actually know me!

My hometown is the great city of Nashville, Tennessee. It's probably one of my favorite cities in the entire world. My immediate family all still live there, and I hope to live there one day again.

The good ole fam

I went to college at UT-Knoxville, and graduated in May of 2010. I majored in public relations with a minor in psychology. I absolutely loved my four years in college, and often miss those good times.

So after graduation, I had absolutely no plans. I didn't really like public relations, and I toyed with the idea of grad school, but I just really didn't know what to do. I have always had a strong call toward missions, and the opportunity came up for me to serve in Haiti for 4 months from August to December. Telling my parents was hard, but they agreed and I embarked on the journey of a lifetime. I got here and for 3 weeks served wherever I was needed: the orphanage, the clinic, and the house.

Right at the end of that three weeks, I was offered a job at Quisqueya Christian School as an elementary aide and English teacher. I had not quite started that job when a little bundle of joy was dropped off at our clinic. Melissa Hope, who I blog about often, was abandon at our clinic, and I decided that I would be responsible and take care of her so that she would not have to go to the orphanage.

I have been with her ever since, which has been for about 3 months. I started teaching and aiding, and it has been so awesome. I love my classes, and I love the staff. I extended by contract until May, so now I'm in Haiti until the end of May.

These are the 5th graders that I aid. I'm in there somewhere :)

So thats pretty much me. I love my job, I love my family, and I love my friends. But, most importantly, I love Christ. He has blessed me with such awesome opportunities and I really want to give Him glory in all of these endeavors. 

I have the best friends ever!

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