Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Niece-y Boo!

Last Thursday, my niece turned 1! Now, most of you know that I'm not a huge fan of babies (except Melissa, Marie, and Junior of course), but I'm quite a big fan of my niece. I missed the first three months of her life, so she is just now getting used to seeing me, and she'll sometimes even come to me!

At first, she would cry if I even looked at her. Now, I think she's starting to like me! I'm excited for the days when we can play in the park or just hang out. I've always liked older children because I connect with them so much more.

I had class on Thursday, so I didn't get to actually see her on her birthday, but we had a party for her on Saturday afternoon. My sister needed me to go get some balloons before the party, so I ran off to Party City. When I left, I had 10 green balloons, 10 pink balloons, and a special one year old balloon. I looked like a clown carrying them out of the store then trying to shove them in to my car.

The party was great. Kailee was in a great mood, and didn't really cry when people ooh'd and ahhh'd at her. She wasn't really interested in her gifts, but she got some pretty cool stuff, especially from Aunt Tina!

She WILL be a Vols fan!

She will never have enough tutu's.
After she did gifts, it was time for her to dive in to the cake. My sister didn't give her any sweets until the day she turned one, so the sugary goodness was a new experience for K. I think she liked it...

We all packed up and went our separate ways. Since it was Saint Patrick's day, I ran home and got ready to meet my good friend, Matt, from college.

We were both feeling a chill night, so we went over to The Flying Saucer and hung out for a couple of hours. We got to catch up on life, and he listened to me complain about stupid boys for a little while. He's good to talk to about that stuff because he is a guy and understands what most boys are thinking when they are silly.

After a little while, two more of my friends showed up and we laughed and cut up until about midnight, which is about 4 hours past my bed time. I was exhausted, so I packed up and went HOME!

I've realized that I've turned in to a responsible old person. I go to bed at nine and get up at five thirty. I can't kick it with the young kids anymore.

Tonight, I am starting a new Bible study with Hope Fellowship. We are reading a book called The Story, which is basically just the Bible in a bit more condensed terms. I'm excited about getting to know new people and grow those friendships!

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